Turkcell announces artificial intelligence principles

We have toldyou that YaaniMail,turkcell’s domestic e-mail service, was officially introduced at a meeting held last December. Today, Turkcell,who made important statements about artificial intelligence, shared the principles of artificial intelligence.

Turkcell announced its commitments to use the seven-point AI principles and the technologies it uses and develops in business processes in an ethical and responsible manner. According to shared information, Turkcell’s Artificial Intelligence principles are seven articles titled “We are Environmentally and Human Oriented”,We AreProfessionally Responsible “, ” We AreResponsible forData Privacy “, ” We AreTransparent“, ” We Are Basedon Security” We ActFairly “, “We Share for a Better Future and We Cooperate“.

Let’s add that important institutions and universities abroad have recently explained the principles of artificial intelligence. To remind you, the OECDannounced international artificial intelligence principles last June.

Turkcell also said that principles can be developed depending on new products and technologies, and the experience gained will be used as a gain for the benefit of humanity. Omer Barbaros Yis, Deputy General Manager in Charge of Marketing, Serkan Ozturk, Deputy General Manager in Charge of Information and Communication Technologies, and Gökçe Çobansoy Speedel, Director of New Technologies Law,also attended the meeting, where examples of artificial intelligence applications developed by Turkcell were also included.

Stating that artificial intelligence is a child and that they will teach him goodness, Omer Barbaros Yish, Deputy General Manager inCharge of Marketing, stated that artificial intelligence should be considered as a child who learns what is given, and shared that Turkcell promised to teach him goodness and good things for humanity.

Yish also shared that there is a long way to go in the field of artificial intelligence and that we will see radical changes, adding that they will continue to work without deviating from the principles they explain, so that artificial intelligence can bring goodness to both its customers and the whole world.

We develop our artificial intelligence solutions by respecting human dignity, fundamental rights and freedoms, contributing to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and creating a more livable world.

We observe the contribution of our artificial intelligence solutions to social welfare and the public interest. We’ll find out who’s responsible for the technology being developed. we take care to be under human control and control and to be open to feedback from the parties concerned.

We take the necessary measures to protect personal data. We comply with the Turkcell Privacy Policy regarding the processing of personal data.

We aim to ensure that the results of our criteria, processes and technologies are predictable and explainable.

We aim to prevent misuse of our Artificial Intelligence solutions and prioritize identifying potential risks by subjecting them to safety tests.

We don’t discriminate; we act inclusively within the framework of the principle of equality.

We share our experience in Artificial Intelligence technologies for a better future and are excited about collaborations.

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