Turkan Soray Hedgehog Knitting Model

We are here with the construction of turkan soray hedgehog knitting model. You can knit shawls and vests with this knitting model that we share on request. We provide video narration for our friend who wants the Turkan Soray hedgehog knitting model made with skewers and for our other visitors.

We share the construction of the Turkan Soray hedgehog knitting model with the description of The Sheriff. There were some of you who were particularly curious about this knitting model, which is very suitable for women’s vests and shawls. I looked it up on the site, but I realized I didn’t publish it before. I’m surprised I didn’t publish it. Of course, when I realized the lack, the Sheriff came across the lady’s video. So I took this opportunity to post the video here.

Türkan Şoray Örgü Modeli

It is a model that you can knit with thick or thin skewers. The knitting model consists of 9 stitches. If you count the stitches in between, we can say a total of 12 stitches. Ms. Angora suggests that number 4 or 5 be preferred as rope and skewer.  When we start knitting, we knit a row of harosha and apply the model in the back row. First, we knit 3 stitches straight, then extend the 9 nodes that come after and we weave them straight. Now again, we knit 3 nodes straight and extend the next 9 nodes. When we get to the front of the knitting model, we knit the first three nooses. We’re knitting the next nine noodles together. We wrappe a noose on our skewer and weave the same stitches five more times.

We’re recoming 9 stitches and 9 new stitches. We normally knit the three nooses in between and apply the model to 9 nooses. All the stitches on the back will be knitted upside down. The front is why we knit it straight. Then we apply the second model. Now, after we weave the first 9 nooses straight in the second model, we apply the model to 9 nooses.

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