Türk Telekom will provide free internet at Istanbul Airport

Last December, we toldyou that Google, which signed with Türk Telekom, will bring its servers to Turkey. Today, turk telekom,which will delight users, announced that it will offer free internet for all users visiting Istanbul Airport.

According to shared information, Türk Telekom has established a very large Wi-Fi network with nearly 5,000 access points located at Istanbul Airport for the benefit of guests, employees and all visitors from all over the world to Istanbul Airport, which hosts more than 200,000 passengers daily.

Türk Telekom offers wifi service for free for 1 hour in every corner of Istanbul Airport, whether it is a subscriber or not. After 1 hour of free use, let’s add that users can purchase paid packages. Users who request a paid package can benefit from 2 different package options, including an all-day use or 2-hour use package.

Istanbul Airport is one of the largest airports in the world, said Turk Telekom Technology Deputy General Manager Yusuf Kirac,users can access the Internet wherever, anytime and any device, he said. According to shared information, passengers can continue their wifi internet access in-flight thanks to Türk Telekom.

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