Tunisian work With Crunchy Modeled Booty Construction

The knitting, which is called “Cinkcik”, is a tunisian work, a booty construction. Since we have not done booty sharing in Tunisia for a long time, we come up with a very nice model.

Just what mom would have done again. He came back with a great booty. we are constantly looking for new examples to make sharing organized. As we come across good examples, we share them here with their narrative. The booties we share are hundreds or even thousands of times. If you want to learn how to knit and knit booties, you can check the booties we share frequently.

It’s hard to find a good example, believe me. We always want to share a new model, but believe me, we’re having a hard time finding the shoes we haven’t shared before. Just as a mother-knitting lady is sharing new examples on youtube channels, we’re adding it here for you right away. Below is a video of the construction of the tuny booty model of the cress knitting model.

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