Tunisian work Turbaned Beret Making

Tunisian work turbaned beret making has been asked a lot lately. We shared how it is done for those who want to make berets with headscarves.

Turbaned berets are one of those berets that’s been knitted a lot lately. The color of the color woven with tunisian work attracts attention in turban berets. You can knit turban berets, especially using your increased ropes. Ms. Bediha gave us information about the beret she made. He posted a recipe for the beret on his page.

You can find the recipe below. The beret, knitted with reverse and straight knitting, is easy to make. Learn how to start knitting in any color.

The recipe for this beret was much asked and wondered. I wanted to describe it in my own way, and I hope I made it. I started pulling 23 chains with a medium-thick rope, and i knitted the first row normally. In the second row, I knitted and finished 70cm without ever increasing and decreasing with an inverted straight knit. Then I turned the knitting upside down and folded it diagonally. Then I turned around and put the same colored edges together and sewed them up from the places I showed them with the blue line in the last picture, and it’s over. I think this beret would be for an age of one. Let it come easy then

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