Tunisian work Sliced Flower NeckBrace Making

Today we shared to you a very different scarf neck in Tunisia. You can extend this neck brace by stacking it as much as you want.

Slice is a model with slice view but knitted into whole. For this purpose, medium-thick marbling rope and number 4 Tunisian work is knitted with skewers. It is arranged to rotate the neck approximately twice in the neck. For this, about 1.5 meters loose chain was pulled. If you want to increase the solid, you can increase the number of chains. Or if you want to use it as a collar, you can reduce the number of chains.

You have to start by pulling some chains to set up the knitting. We create the image that gives the neck brace by increasing it on the chains. Our neck brace starts at the bottom of the triangle around the corner. After wetting the chain, we continue with the knitting by sinking the chains to the teeth on the back.

Tunus işi boyunluk

I used medium-thick wool 4 no Tunisian work for sliced neck brace made with Tunisian knitting technique. About 2 threads have gone for this neck brace, but this amount may change as the size and thread change. We start by pulling a loose chain of about 1.5 m and we’re sinking into the back of our chain. First we see two stitches in a sinking and crochet. We collect them and take 2 of them from the chain along with these stitches and increase the number of stitches to 4. This ordinary then begins the sampled part. After the first node is taken straight, we continue an inverted straight and in each order we increase by 2 each way up to 40 nooses. Then we cut 10 nodes from the edge by cutting them together with the technique of wrapping our tongue, while we weave all the stitches straight. Now we repeat the initial job to make the other slice, and we increase the stitches we cut from the top of the chain to 40.and then we cut all 40 of our nooses to the length we wanted and finish our neck brace.

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