Tunisian work Knitting Boat Construction

Today we will share with you how to make Tunisian knitted bootts. It’s a Tunisian model that looks very nice when you get dressed up. It is decorated with flowers.

Do your feet get too cold in winter? For this you can make yourself available at home. We’re going to share the construction of knitted boots, which are a little different from the construction. You can knit your own home boots with a Tunisian knitting technique shared on the mother channel.

Especially in winter, interest in knitting is increased. People get tired of sitting because the days are long in winter. Instead of sitting at home and watching TV, we recommend knitting to those who want to be busy with other things. You can make a lot of winter clothes by knitting and you will not be bored. All the boot boot models we’ve shared so far have been appreciated. I think the Tunisian model will be well received.  All details of the boot boot model shared on the full mother channel are given below. If you want to knit a different Tunisian work knitted boot, you can knit it from the boot model. Let’s look at the construction of the Tunisian knitting boat.

Nako Diamond rope was used in the construction of tunisian knitted boots. If you don’t have a rope, a normal booty rope is also used. Number 3 Tunisian crochet is used. This knitting model is very different from the one previously made. We start knitting by pulling 13 chains. Then we come back with one stitch from each one. We start with the nose first. Then we come with the first noose, the only second, and then 2 by 2 each.

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