Tunisian job Daisy Crochet Blue White Vest Construction

Today’s model is made of tunisian blue baby vest with daisy. Are you up for making a baby vest in your next knit? And a Tunisian vest. All the information about making the easy baby vest model can be found here.

Tunus işi papatyalı bebek yeleği

The vest sample belongs to SUHEYLA WARKUL.

For six months. Shish no. 4 is tunisian.
9+ 9. 2. 8. 2. 20. 2. 8. 2. 9+9
Number of stitches starting from the collar. The top nines are for the front blows.
3 rows of Tunisian work are knitted like brass knitting, the yarn is taken from one front to the back and the skewer is like knitting brass.

the number of stitches starts by adjusting.
After 7 rows of white, the first blue is knitted in 2 rows, after 11 whites 4 blue, 5 white, 5 blue, 5 white and 5 blue, and 3 rows with white are finished with tunisian brass knitting. Inverted needles are often made around and around the arms.
Between the whites, 2,3 and 4. Rows of chamomile are made.

Marrow opens 1 marrow after 3 rows of brass knitting and after each marrow 11 and 12. Marrow opens between the rows.

Daisy making: 1 row of white is knitted after blue. After 9 stitches front pat node 5 stitches 5 chains 1 node 5 chain 5 node5 chain 1 node 5 chain and 4 chamomiles are made. (The back is knitted straight, there is no daisy, the other front is symmetry.
2. Row 3 stitch 5 chain 3 nodes 5 chain3 nodes 5 chainso daisy 2. The order is done.
3rd place 1. The queue is repeated.
In the middle of the daisy, seeds are placed by pulling 3 or 4 chains with blue and connecting them from the bottom.
I made it blue because my grandson is a boy. For the girl, pink seed, or chamomile or yellow seed befitting.
That’s the knitting and numbers of the vest.
I wanted everyone to knit. Just make it worth it with knitting.
Make it easy for those who will do it.

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