Tunis work Blanket Making with Cube Sugar Knitting Model

Tunisian work blanket making site with cube sugar knitting model. Those who want to make blankets with crochet or skewers can try the cube sugar knitting model.

You can make blankets with this example that we have shared for those who love tunisia work. You can make this model with both crochet and skewers. With the videos we shared, we tried to show you how to make a tunisian blanket model. If you know knitting, you will see how to make a blanket with a cube sugar knitting model after watching the videos.

Apart from Tunisian vests, cardigans, baby blankets, booties and berets, blankets are also made. Tunisian lovers are quite numerous in numbers nowadays. In our country, there are a lot of people who prefer Tunisian jobs. A very nice knitting model, which is the cube sugar knitting model is made with Tunisian work looks more beautiful. Now, those looking to make knitted blankets, check out a video of how this model was made. First, we shared the construction of blankets in Turkish video. The next 2 videos are foreign videos. If you watch them, you can get an idea of how it’s done.

Küp Şeker Örgü

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