Tulip detail in the local car!

Turkey’s domestic car project will be officially introduced this week. Days before the launch of the domestic car models continues to come to information. Working on the domestic car project ,“Turkey’s Automobile Enterprise Group” continues to share new information on its official Twitter account, which it recently launched.

First of all, let us remind you that domestic car models will be introduced in two days later, i.e. on Friday in Gebze. As Webrazzi, we will provide you with all the details shared at the event. According to the hears we have received, the model will be introduced with less than one and the models introduced will be 100 percent electric. No details have been shared regarding the cars to be introduced in the present.

Let’s go to the details shared today from the official Twitter account of Turkey’s Automobile Venture Group. If we look closely at the shared image, we see a tulip flower-like pattern right next to the car’s differences. In the tweet, we werevery serious when we said, “#TürkiyeninOtomobili! You’re the inspiration… ” and“#DoğumYeriİstanbul” are included.

It would not be wrong to say that tulip flower is the first flower that comes to mind when it comes to istanbul. Therefore, it is not surprising that tulip is included in the details of the local car. On Friday, we will provide you with all the details about domestic 100 percent electric cars.

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