Tulip Bouquet Knitting Model for Dowry Vest Cardigan

A knitmodel tulip bouquet to be used when making dowry women’s vests. You can find a video description of the tulip bouquet skewer knitting.

Tulip Bouquet Knitting Model is a model that can be used in women’s knitting. It is a very nice technique that can be done with skewer work when making a cardigan or vest.

we shared, but we gave very little space to dowry models. For those of you who start making vests for young girls or brides, I came across a beautiful model. I wanted to share this model with you immediately.

Lale Buketi Örgü Modeli

I saw a friend in this group who shared this model recently. When I asked her mother, she said she got it from her mother and she didn’t know. Thanks to the friend, he asked his mother and said the model’s name was the Tulip Bouquet knitting model. So I searched the model on YouTube and found it. This is a beautiful example of maternal affairs.

The model 120 noose has started. It can also be used on mother’s vests. Shish is one of the most beautiful weaves.

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