Tricks of Whitening Tulle Curtains

We shared the tricks of whitening tulle curtains for the ladies who are looking for the answer to the question of how to bleach tulle curtains. With very simple methods, you can whiten your yellowing tulle curtains.

White tulle curtains, which are one of the most important decorative items that adorn the windows of almost all houses, are perhaps the first ornaments of a house to stand out. It is one of the most elegant items that is first noticed both inside and outside the house. In addition to the beauty, color and attention of the tulle curtains, which are the most important parts of home decoration, the color or contamination of these delicate items is also very noticeable. For these reasons, tulle curtains, which lose their whiteness over time and turn yellow or turn gray, are one of the biggest problems of a housewife.

Many housewives are looking for ways to whiten and restore the white tulle curtains that are graying or yellowing to their former glory. Normal washing does not give the desired effect is a method experienced by many. In fact, this problem is not a difficult problem to solve, it is a problem that requires you to learn only a few effective methods. In this article, we will talk about how to restore your delicate, white curtains without wearing them out.

Before washing your curtains, you should shake carefully to see the dust accumulated on it go away. This is always a step you should take before you start washing your tulle. If your tulle curtains are very dirty, you should wait at least 5 hours in 5 liters of hot water where you dissolve 4 spoonfuls of table salt before washing. Wash your curtains between 30-40 degrees, adding a professional bleach that does not contain chlorine at the precise setting of your machine. You can also wash your tulle pertinent by placing it in a special washing bag. For a whiter tulle curtain after washing is complete, rinse your curtain with 2-3 spoons of cooking soda added and dissolved cold water. After rinsing, you should not tighten the tulle pertina and dry it by hanging it in a wet manner.

First, carefully shake away the dust from your tulle curtains. Then leave it in warm water containing laundry powder for a few hours. Then gently squeeze the water and place it in a clean bowl. Dissolve a glass of salt in two and a half litres of hot water and allow the salt water to warm up to 35-45 degrees Celsius. Make sure all parts of your tulle perimeter are wet in the water. Leave it in salt water for one night and rinse in the morning. After washing, you will see how white and shiny your tulle perimis are.

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Starch will give your tulle curtains not only shine but also a cleaner look. First, wash your curtains in your washing machine using a delicate program at a temperature between 30-40 degrees Celsius. Then leave in the mixture prepared with 250 grams of warm water for 5-10 minutes. After this process, stop the tulle denier with clean water. When you dry your curtains, you will see that your tulle is not only free of yellowing and white, but also more easily ironed and shaped.

One of the most effective methods that can be applied at home is to use permanganics.

Using potassium permanganate, which is a very old method, is actually one of the most effective ways used to whiten tulle curtains. Dissolve a small amount of potassium permanganate and a glass of laundry powder in hot water. Soak your previously washed tulle pertinent in this mixture. Leave your pertussis until the water is warm. Finally, rinse and dry your pertinent.

The most important consideration in all of these methods is to use your very sensitive tulle curtains carefully and gently and to do all the procedures you perform gently. Because the whiteness of your tulle swells over time. Tulle curtains are not easy to whiten, but it is up to you to minimize color loss and protect its whiteness as much as possible.

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