Top 20 keywords on YouTube

A study of popular YouTube Videos in 2019 by the Pew Research Center revealed which keywords received the most views.

As part of the research results, let’s also say that every video created by high subscriber channels is reviewed in the first week of 2019. In the study, high subscriber channels were defined as channels with at least 250,000 subscribers. It is worth noting that 43,770 channels have been included in this recognition.

The analysis in which the results of the study were shared consists of 3 different sections. The last section focuses on keywords used in video titles and definitions that allow for more viewing.

The Pew Research Center shares 20 prominent words in its report among these keywords used in YouTube video heads and associated with increased views. For those who are curious, here’s the order:

The first-ranked Fortnite keyword provides the largest increase in views, while the most widely used of the 20 most viewed words.

The study explored the widespread use of keywords as well as channels with high number of subscribers. According to this, seven out of 10 videos cross-link to other social networks. The most widely used social networks are Twitter with 58 percent, Facebook with 51 percent, Instagram with 50 percent and Snapchat with 9 percent.

It looks like i’m not going to be able to In addition to keywords, attention to YouTube content on other social networks in videos opens the way for high views.

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