Tire Baby Vest Construction Detailed Description

We continue our little knits with the construction of baby vests with tires. Pink vest, which we chose from easy baby vest models. Details of the vest, which is detailed on the very sugar weaves page, can be found on our site.

You can also browse the category for more vests.

We’ll start with 1-71 stitches. We’re knitting six rows of harosha.

2- We weave 7 nodes on both sides and wewethe the remaining 61 nodes straight.

3- We continue until the edge harp is 32 stitches.

When harosha edge is 32 rows, we weave 7 nodes into the same harosha. We start with the first of the 61 nooses in the middle and we knit rubber up to an inverted flat harosha. We knit the harosha in the rubber knitting section until the edge is 14 rows. In the Omu section, we knit 7 nodeharosha 1 node inverted 1 node straight again 1 node in reverse until 10 stitches remain. When we come to the edge, we do the process on the other side.

We knit four rows of harosha, separate 17 nodes from the shoulder compartment and cut 41 nooses tightly. So the collar section doesn’t stay wide. After cutting 41 stitches, we knit 7 nodes harosha. We knit the shoulder section 6 harosha sequences and throw 24 stitches at our skewer. We knit four rows of harosha and knit the tire section until the edge of the mortar is 14. In the flat section we continue to flat the middle section of the 7 node harosha on both sides. We knit until the edge is 32 rows. We’re knitting the whole noose in six rows of harosha.

We’re doing the same practices on the other side of the right part. The only difference here is that after 4 rows of harosha, we knit the 3 nooses in the front section and cut a noose by taking a noose to our skewer. We open the marrow and finish the line. Then we open two more marrows every 7 harosha and we complete the continuation of the knitting.

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