Tips for Frying Chicken

How do you fry chicken well? For those who are curious about the answer to this question, we have shared one by one the tricks of good chicken roastin this article.

When frying chicken in a frying pan, if the top is fried and not cooked well, you can try the methods we share. Now most of you think about boiling it and then frying it. We shared methods of frying chicken for those who don’t get much flavor from boiled chicken.

Method 1: After adding a little water in the saucepan, you can cook and fry the chicken over low heat. Don’t forget to add the spices and salt. So the chicken gets fried and doesn’t get raw.

Method 2: Blend the chicken with spices and salt.  Then put it in a lidded pan and cook until golden brown.

Method 3: If you are going to cook wings, blend with spices and put 1 cup of water in the pan and cook until the juice is drained. Once you’ve drained it, the chicken will fry it in its own oil.

All the methods we publish are pretty much the same. So after blending the chicken at the beginning of the things you need to do, just add some water to the inside of the pan. So you can fry the chicken without having to boil it completely. So your chicken will taste better.

Note: If you wait a few hours after blending, the chicken will taste better.

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