Time to Knit Sweaters for Wives with Men’s Sweater Model

It’s time to knit sweaters for your wives with the knitted men’s sweater model. With the skewer work, you can knit a thick wool sweater for your partner with this knitting pattern.

When Ms. Sevtap made a sweater for her husband, she took it out by looking at a model. Below is the information he has given about the construction of the pattern.

After knitting 5 nodes from the edge I passed the bottle without 1 noose + 6 nodes harosa + again 1 node without knitting + 8 stitches straight orun + 1 node straight orun + 6 harosa orun + 1 node without any ore take the sequence continues like this. At the back, all the stitches are backwards and side by harosa. Until there are 4 rows of 6 harosains in the front, then the knitted nodes are slid to the sides and continue to knit.

Örgü Erkek Kazak Modeli


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