Tim Cook warns: Trade war between US and China will hit Apple badly

The trade war between the United States and China continues unabated. Apple is one of the most affected by this war, which affects many technology companies. Apple CEO TimCook, who met with US President Donald Trump to voice his complaints, warned Donald Trump that the trade war would have a bad impact on his rivalry with Samsung.

Starting September 1st, the US government will introduce new taxes on the trade war. The decisions are likely to do a lot of damage to Apple, which makes a large part of its production in China. Apple will suffer a great deal because of the decisions taken, Cook said, samsung will lag behind in the competition, Donald Trump conveyed.

As a reminder, unlike Apple, Samsung prefers Vietnam, Indonesia and India to produce rather than China. Let’s add that taxes on $300 billion worth of Chinese goods, including consumer electronics, will be applied in two stages. The first phase of the plan will be implemented on 1 September and the second phase on 15 December.

The data to be implemented will affect Apple’s iPhone,Mac, Apple Watch, HomePod and Airpods models. Due to taxes starting to be levied as of September 1st, There is also talk that Apple may go up the price. Tim Cook’s argument quite successfully defended Trump, expressed his considering the issue. We will continue to bring you the developments on the subject.

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