Tiles Knitting Women’s Vest Construction

Would you like to knit yourself a vest with boxes on it?  Those who want to knit a different knitted vest, see how it’s done.

We have some information about the construction of a knitted women’s vest with tile motifs on it. Ladies, with these tips, you can knit yourself a knitted vest. Women who don’t know how to knit can be forced, but women who understand knitting can knit from this vest using the following tips.

Kutucuklar Örgü Modeli

After 4 rows of straight 1 row of harosha, you get 3 stitches gray 1 node cream color without knitting. Until it’s gray, you always get four rows of cream without knitting it. You go on like this, it’s very simple.

Do not tie a separate rope if there are tires on either side. Turn the tire without knitting it in the cream. When you knit gray, you knit two rows. That’s a knack. In a knitting, the more string spawns, the harder it gets.

Ayse Tunç tried to explain as much as possible to our friend for the construction of. That’s exactly where we shared his information. Unfortunately, we don’t have any more information. We don’t know any more because we didn’t knit. However, you can examine the motifs by recording and zooming in on the photo of the vest below.

Kutucuklar Örgü Modeli


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