TikTok, Uighur Turks criticize the violence, said the account accidentally suspended

In one video, TikTok suspended feroza Aziz’s account, which asked his followers to investigate the persecution of the Uighur people and other Muslim groups in the Xinjiang region. TikTok apologized to the account’s owner, saying the incident was caused by a moderation error after his app, which made a sound on social networks.

The viral video was removed four days after its release, TikTok said, explaining that the video did not violate the platform’s community rules. Following the announcement, Aziz’s @getmefamouspartthree account and the video in question were restored.

TikTok said in a statement that the account was removed because it shared a video containing the Osama Bin Laden image. Following the announcement, Aziz denied TikTok’s claims in a tweet. Aziz tweeted:

“Do I believe they’re suspending the account because of a deleted, unrelated satirical video from an account that was previously deleted? And right after I finished posting a three-part video about uighurs? No. “

In addition, Aziz, Osama Bin Laden image in the video, the image is used as an element of black humor, he said. He added that no one in their right mind would praise Osama bin Laden. On the other hand, a TikTok official; regardless, the video violated TikTok’s principles regarding terrorism-related content.

While wearing makeup in the video, Aziz told his followers that they needto investigate the tragedies that are happening in China:

“Use the phone you’re currently using and investigate what’s going on in China, how they’ve entered concentration camps, throwing innocent Muslims there, separating families, kidnapping them, how they killed them, Find out how they raped them, forced them to eat pigs, forced them to drink, and forced them to convert. It’s another Holocaust, and no one’s talking about it yet. Please be aware of this, please spread your awareness of what’s happening in Xinjiang right now. “

In the meantime, the tension between the U.S. and China due to the events in China affects China Technology companies. TikTok, who was recently called under the US senate for review of personal data protection, is expected to go to a new structure to conduct its global operation smoothly.

In the third quarter of this year, TikTok’s product and business development departments, as well as marketing and legal teams, tikTok’s application in China is said to be separating from Douyin.


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