TikTok takes a step into social trade with two new features

TikTok, which began testing native video ads in its news feed in February, is now testing two different features that allow users to link to the site and share e-commerce sites with content producers.

These two features that are in the testing process have been verified by ByteDance’s spokesperson. The features, first discovered by Fabian Bern, allow influencers in TikTok to increase their revenues.

TikTok, which features to swipe videos and redirect them to the site, as well as the ability to add links to Bio on Instagram, has also stepped into social trade. In recent years, when Instagram and WhatsApp have been flooded with business-oriented shopping features, it makes sense that TikTok has turned its sights to this area.

TikTok has more than 1 billion users, but its growth in the United States has recently slowed; it is possible to say that the company retains its power in China, Southeast Asia and India. With new social shopping features, the company can begin challenging Amazon, which operates in the Chinese, Southeast Asian and Indian markets.

On the other hand, it is worth remembering that Facebook has entered this market in the field of social trade, facebook, which has invested in the India-based social trade initiative Meesho this year, is using Meesho to use whatsApp and other social networks to it allows it to be sold.

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