Thousands of People Speak Of Nurse’s Response To Be Despised for Appearance

I think people can dress any way they want. They should be able to get out the way they want to look. The subject of the story is the nurse’s pirsing and her hair is colorful. This situation is not a problem for open-minded people. The protagonist of the story, the pirsing and tattooed nurse, was subjected to derogatory looks from the cashier at the grocery store, where she went shopping wearing her work clothes. The cashier asked the nurse how she could perform her profession in this situation. The nurse shared her reply on her Facebook account. The post received tens of thousands of likes and was shared by everyone.

‘I stopped by the grocery store after work. As I approached the vault, the cashier looked at me and said, ‘What do you do?’ And I said, “I’m a nurse.” He said to me, ‘I’m really surprised they let you work like this. What do your patients think of your hair? Then he asked the old woman right behind me, ‘How do you think his hair is?” The old woman said, ‘My word is outside the parliament, but it’s not my style.’

The cashier repeated that they did not allow him to come to work in this disguise, and then repeated that he could not understand a nurse working in the hospital in this disguise.

My opinion on this is very different. Even though my hair color was like this, I treated a lot of patients. My tattoos didn’t stop me from holding the hands of Alzheimer’s patients in their final moments. The pirsing in my ear didn’t stop me from telling me the happy memories of the dying patients or telling me their last wishes. While consoling a patient diagnosed with a fatal disease, the pirsing on my tongue didn’t stop me. Now you name it. How does my smiling face, clean heart and appearance put me in a position to be unable to perform the nursing profession?

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