Thessaloniki Knitting Booty Construction

We shared a good example for those looking for a thessaloniki knitted booty. You can do it after reading the number and detailed description of the stitches.

You can also take a look at what we’ve shared before.

Discard 37 stitches.1. straight-up the sequence.2. 1 stitch in order to a plain hidden auction,17 stitch straight a hidden auction,17 stitch straight a hidden boost,17 stitch straight a hidden arc,1 node straight pattern.3.row always straight.4.queue 2 stitcha flat a hidden boost,17 stitch flat a hidden boost,3 stitch straight a hidden boost 17 stitches is a flat hidden boost,2 stitches straight.5.line up always straight (after increments the backs will always be straight, I don’t need to write them anymore. I’ll only give increments)6.row 3 stitch a flat hidden increase,17 stitch flat a hidden increase,5 stitch flat a hidden increase,17 stitch flat hidden increase,3 stitch straight knit….8.row 4 stitch a flat hidden increase,17 stitch flat hidden increase A hidden increase in the .7 stitch straight,17 stitch flat a hidden increase,4 stitch straight,9. Row 5 stitch is a plain hidden increase,17 stitches a plain hidden increase,9 stitches a plain hidden increase,17 stitchflat a hidden increase,5 stitch straight.5 stitch flat.There was a total of 57 stitches in our shingle. From behind, you knit all the straight mesh stitches that we’ve increased, so that it’s not a blind. There are two rows in thessaloniki knitting. Before starting the Thessaloniki knitting, a row of single tires will be made from the flat side. In Thessaloniki, you know, the inverted stitches are the same, the straight stitches are always woven by sinking into a bottom.57 you divide the noose into three sections in the form of 18+21+18. 18 stitches on the sides of Thessaloniki, 21 stitches in the middle 2 each by cutting 2 each, a noose in the straight mesh probe will be knitted one, 11 stitches will remain in the middle. So there will be 18+11+18=47 stitches in our shingles. The sides will be built in the middle straight in Thessaloniki. From the 18 nodes on the sides, a noose will always be knitted together in the middle of the 11th node and cut like this until the 14 stitches in Thessaloniki remain. Then 14+11+14=39 stitches will remain in our shingles.9 more thessaloniki sequences will be knitted. When there are a total of 14 thessaloniki sequences, 4 teeth will be knitted and sewn into the harosha. I bent the rope and made a shoelace. Easy to come by….

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