The Next Big Step in Marketing: Conversational Marketing

With rapidly developing technology, new marketing strategies are also evolving. “Conversational Marketing”; i.e., “Chat Marketing” with its use in Turkish; these new strategies are at the top of the list. This way of marketing based on speech; A feedback-driven marketing technique designed to improve customer loyalty, create strategies by getting to know customers and their target audience more closely, and achieve a new customized and personalized marketing option. Using this feedback-based approach to marketing; help to increase the brand’s recognition and confidence; it provides customers and prospective customers with a real conversation experience, allowing them to act directly between marketing and sales channels.

Conversational Marketing is essentially the ability to predict what your customers want and what they need. The best way to do this is artificial intelligence-assisted ChatBots capable of learning natural languages (NLP).

Developed with SOR’s infrastructure, ChatBots bring you and your potential customers together.

With Conversational Marketing, you can contact your target audience via any messaging app instead of traditional marketing methods such as email, calling, SMS. With ChatBots, you can understand your audience’s needs and shorten your sales cycle with real-time dialogue. You can also give your potential customers more purchasing experience. MAPFRE Insurance, one of the most powerful companies in the insurance sector, uses SOR’s infrastructure to reach potential customers via ChatBots via Facebook Messenger. He proposes 4 different traffic insurance packages based on the information he collects from his customers. Thus, customers can make the most suitable package choices for them and make purchases in the same chat.

Add artificial intelligence-enabled ChatBots to your marketing strategies and capture the future to strengthen and better understand your relationships with potential customers!

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