The new shawl model that is very curious to make

You’ve made a lot of requests for a description of the master, which is as beautiful as a painting hanging on a wall. We, too, have prepared a new shawl model for you, which is curious about construction.

From all the shawl models you’ve seen so far, don’t expect to knit the crochet shawl model, which you will understand as soon as you see the difference, that you will use fondly, that will leave admiration when you use it.

If you wish in your everyday clothes, if you wish on your evening clothes, whether you want to use it as a shawl or as a neck brace, a unique model with a lot of usage alternatives.

As you can knit color, you can also knit in a single color, our shawl, the spider is very easy. The model is knitted as a motif and added to each other after the motifs are finished.

We recommend you to watch the video below, which provides all the details of the horse. We would love it if you would share with us the shawls or neck braces that you will knit in different colors.

Thanks to the youtube channel for providing us with this beautiful model, my knitting path. You can subscribe to your channel and like it for support.

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