The new dual-camera iPad Pro will be released in early 2020, Apple Glasses in 2023

Apple’s augmented reality plans come to life in early 2020 with the new iPad Pro. The company is expected to continue its work in the field of augmented reality with AR titles and glasses to be released in 2023.

The iPad Pro, which will be released in early 2020, will include a dual camera system as well as a small hole for the 3D system. Note that iPad Pro 3D sensors were first mentioned by Ming-Chi Kuo in November of last year.

Until now, the new iPad Pro models were supposed to have 3 cameras, but new developments show that the new iPad Pro models have dual cameras and 3D system technology.  Moreover, the new iPhones, which will be introduced in 2020, will include 3D sensor technology and a 5G connection connection.

Let’s just say that the new 3D sensor system will be the focal point of Apple’s work in the AR field. Likewise, the new 3D sensors on the devices will be a much more advanced version of the Face ID sensor currently used on iPhones and iPads.

In 2021 or 2022, Apple is expected to produce a title that combines VR and AR. The focus is on games, watching videos and holding virtual meetings. Following this development, the company is expected to introduce AR goggles, which stand out with their lightweight design in 2023.

Let’s remind you that nearly 1,000 engineers, led by Vice President Mike Rockwell, are working on AR and VR initiatives. The interdisciplinary team is also part of Apple’s hardware engineering department. On the other hand, the same team has different managers within this department. The team’s executives are people who previously worked in Apple’s game development system and worked in the hardware, software, and production of previous iPhone models.

At this point, Apple plans to introduce its first AR title in 2019 and go on sale in 2020, but the product has moved its release dates to a later date.

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