The Lonely Bride

He hasn’t let his wife to meet his family for a long time since the day he got married. They only allowed a few days a year because they live in separate cities. Everything was beautiful except for this problem, they had a nice house and a car. The man worked hard and came home late, so his wife, who was a housewife, spent his time at home thinking alone or reading.
That night, the same issue came up again;
“Can I go to my parents?”, she said. It’s been six months since I’ve seen it. I miss them so much.”
“Please, I promise not to stay too long.”
“I said no.”
“Make a statement, please, why don’t you allow it?”
“You know, the house where your family lives and the financial resources are very limited, I don’t want you to suffer.”
“Is happiness a price?”
‘I said no. Your parents are happy with the way they are. You’d better try to be happy with me now!”
“I’m happy with you, just…”
”Enough is no longer extended!”
“I’m bored at home. Your endless meetings and world concerns… I’m home alone… The absence of children destroys me altogether. While you’re busy with something, I live with our child who’s not home.”
They slept after a little argument. The next night, the man came in with a big box in his hand. He opened the box in the curious gaze of his wife. It was a huge aquarium, with some water in it and four fish. The woman’s eyes lit with joy, and she put a broken kiss on her husband’s cheek.
The aquarium was beautifully decorated with ornaments given next to the aquarium. Enough water was filled and a sizeable place was given to 4 new guests in the most beautiful part of the hall. When his wife wasn’t home anymore, they were interested in fish, changing their waters, talking to them, even listening to music together.
She loved all four fish, but there was one, and her place was different. She was white and with a tail as big as her torso, and her wedding dress was like a girl.
When his wife came that night, he asked her to buy a small aquarium. The man was so happy with his wife’s happiness, he didn’t even want to ask why. The next day, the man came in with a smaller aquarium than the other aquarium. She put the other fish in this aquarium. His favorite lepistes fish now floated freely in his huge aquarium, with ornamental stone and lighting.
He didn’t name the other fish, but he named his favorite fish ‘bride’. From time to time, he’d pick it up, take it out of the water until a kiss, then put it back in the water.
It was a week ago. As always, he swore to the fish in the medium-sized aquarium. He always gave her the oath a few seconds later than the others to take care of her bride longer. But he made up for the delay by singing good songs to her.
As the days passed, the woman had suppressed her family’s longing a little bit with her fish, especially her daughter-in-law. What a joy it was to watch her swim like she was floating next to the wedding procession. He told his wife about it for breakfast every morning.
One day, she had finished cleaning her house and came to her fish. First he gave his three fish their bait, crumbling it, then approaching the bride’s aquarium. But the bride came down to the bottom of the water, swimming slowly without any reaction to her eating, like a girl who couldn’t marry her lover. The woman worriedly changed her water, took her hand, kissed her softly, said nice things. He even prayed. But the little bride was standing still, slowly opening and closing her mouth. She looked at her other fish, and they were running with joy, like the first day. As the days went by, her only sorrow was her daughter-in-law.
Why did he say to himself. She was most interested in the most beautiful aquarium.
Three days had passed. When she woke up that morning, she ran right up to her fish. His daughter-in-law was standing sideways in the water. It shook the aquarium, but the bride’s tail just rippled slightly. He put his hand in the aquarium. His daughter-in-law was standing motionless in the palm of his hand. He kissed his tail as he wiped away his tears…
When the man came home in the evening, he found his wife, her eyes swollen, sitting helplessly on the couch, the bride next to her. The night before, she made a bed with the leaves of the rose brought by her husband and laid her daughter-in-law on it.
The man approached his wife. First he kissed the wetness of his wife’s eyelashes, then took a few steps and came to the aquariums. First she looked at the aquarium she was great she was beautiful and no longer she was empty. Then three other fish that swim with joy in the smaller aquarium.
She stood up and left the big aquarium on the doorstep with a thousand and one difficulties. His wife was just watching helplessly. Then he took out all the ornaments in the aquarium of three happy fish. “Fish don’t understand the sass,” he said to himself.
She ended up with a resentment mixed with ambition, her work with aquariums. She approached her husband with heavy steps. She looked at her husband, with loving and disgruntled eyes. She knew now how much her husband loved her.
The man whispered in his wife’s ear with his shaky lips as he held his wife’s hands in his hands;
“Let’s get ready, we’re going to your parents’ house. Take the extra and expensive items in the house.”
“Are we going to take it to my parents?”
“No. We’ll throw it in the trash when we go…”

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