The habit of listening to digitalized music shortened the duration of popular songs

According to research by Music Week magazine, listening to music on the Internet has also caused noticeable shortening in the duration of songs. There’s a 38-second difference between the song that came in first place in 2009 and the song that came in first place in 2019. And the shortenings don’t stop there. In the old days, songs used to be close to 10 minutes on average, but now 2-3 minutes of songs are becoming the most popular songs.

In fact, for this reason, you have to look at changing music listening habits. Listening to music before digital, even MP3 players, before it came into our lives was a really dedication. We had to carry multiple cassettes or CDs with us to listen to music, especially with various devices like Walkman, Discman, etc. when we weren’t stable. Individual devices were needed for all cDs, cassettes or records. However, this need began to disappear as our phones became music players, first with MP3 players, and then our phones. Now, the era of digital music platforms and the situation in this case, there are various differences in listening habits.

We can say that the album listening times have been shortened in the first place. No one’s really interested anymore, they don’t open an album and listen to it from start to finish. Usually playlists open up, and it’s common to listen to music with the philosophy of“a little bit of that, a little bit of this”. Besides, musicians don’t follow a different method. 20 years ago, when the concept of singles and EPs were not so widespread, we now see that these are more important than albums. Naturally, they also affect song times. people’s patience with both listening and monitoring is very low, so the shorter one becomes more advantageous.

Lil Nas X ‘s song Old Town Road,which hit the worldwide charts,lasted 1 minute and 52 seconds, Music Week reported. This is said to be a song that will prevent the urge of the audience to move on to the next song when they don’t like the song. Already, the song ends until the person finds out if they like the song, and the rest number increases. In short, we can call this the little games of the music industry. But of course, this causes all charts to change. Because according to the research conducted by the magazine, the average duration of this summer’s most popular songs was 3 minutes 4 seconds. Let’s reiterate that this is an average of 38 seconds shorter than 10 years ago.

The chorus of Killing in the Name,the most popular song for Rage Against The Machine,which was released in 1992 but re-charted in 2009, began five minutes after the song’s inception. The longest song to number one this year was 3 minutes and 39 seconds.

Short and long songs were, of course, in every period. Just looking at Pink Floyd’s1977 album Animals provesit. The first song is 1 minute 24 seconds, while the next song is 17 minutes and 5 seconds. We can say that the popularity of which song has increased in which period and as a result we can say this. Although short and long songs are available in every era, they are now short songs that are popular today with the service offered by digital music platforms. In the future, of course, listening habits will change again, but we all have to wait to see which direction it will evolve in.

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