The groom pointed to one of the guests and confessed to the bride that he loved another – The Guests Were Shocked and Could Not Hold Back Their Tears

The wedding is one of the most beautiful dreams that young girls have ever dreamed of in their lifetime and has a very special place. It’s normal for the wedding day to be very emotional. And today you want something special that might belong to you. One of the couples who wanted a day like this was Jessica and Jefferson. On her wedding day, Jessica was shocked when her husband showed one of the guests and said she loved someone else. But this confession made things even better.

If there are weddings you’ve attended before, the bond between the bride and groom will stir in you. Maybe the emotional moments during the wedding even made you cry. Jessica and Jennifer’s speech at their wedding was very emotional for all the guests.

Shortly after the Portuguese couple Jessica and Jefferson met, they fell in love and decided to get married. Everything was perfectly normal until the groom talked at the wedding. During the wedding, the groom suddenly returned to his wife and made a confession that no one expected. What he confessed was that he loved someone else.

As the groom gave his speech, he knelt in front of a little girl who was among the guests. The groom didn’t just ask his wife to marry him during the wedding. In front of all the guests, he swore that his wife would love her 8-year-old daughter Giovanna until her death.

Jessica came to Jefferson after she finished her marriage speech. Jefferson pointed to Jessica’s daughter Giovanna to come to him and told him about how much he would love her in the future and what he could do about her. The groom who bursts into tears said, “If I had the right to make one wish, I’d want you to be my daughter. I am the proudest father in the world to be the father of a beautiful, educated and intelligent girl like you.”

Giovanna smiled in line with these words. He looked the little girl in the eye and promised to protect and protect her for the rest of her life, just like she promised her mother. And finally, he said, “As a father, I will give you all my love and protect and protect you for the rest of your life.” All the guests burst into tears in the face of this situation. Giovanna took the microphone and thanked her new father in tears. This may be the best marriage speech in the world.

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