The Google Photos app lets you search text in photos

Google has announced an engaging feature it has added to Google Photos in a tweet it has shared. The company is continuing to work to add new artificial intelligence features to the Lens platform, allowing users to search for screenshots and text on Google Photos. When the searched text is found, it can be copied and pasted into a note, document or form.

These two new features, which are set to take their place in Google Photos, are powered by optical character recognition (OCR) techniques.  In addition, the Copy-paste option takes advantage of Lens’s ability to understand and remove text from photographs. The Lens’s ability is easy to recognize text from a physical sign or document in a photo in screenshots.

Currently available to some android users, this new feature has not yet actively demonstrated itself on iOS. Those who use Google Photos on the web may already be using text search.

This feature, which can be used in many areas, from receiving the Wi-Fi password of the café you live in everyday use to easily converting meeting or lecture notes into a new document, i think it brings itself to the next level with text search. This indicates that Google automatically performs Optical Character Recognition in your entire photo collection.

The investor Hunter Walk, which noticed the feature at the beginning of the week and shared it with its followers, simply described the steps of use. In response to The Walk, Google announced that the product would be released starting this month.

This new feature in the Google Photos app was originally announced at the Google I/O 2017 event. Since 2017, Google Lens has gained features such as searching the web for products on the menu, copying contact numbers from a business card and adding them to your guide. With this new features, it is possible to say that optical character recognition technique will easily integrate into users’ daily life and usage habits.

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