The Future of E-commerce: Chatbots

Companies that want to provide fast, effective and uninterrupted service to their customers integrate artificial intelligence-assisted chatbots into their systems. Chatbots increase the efficiency of your team while maximizing customer satisfaction.

Providing high quality customer satisfaction in the e-commerce sector is one of the indispensable principles of the sector. Looking at the research escarpment, 67.45% of customers in the e-commerce sector have stopped buying products in their baskets. This is where artificial intelligence-assisted chatbots are important to guide customers and guide them through the right communication.

So, how can these artificial intelligence-assisted chatbots be used in the e-commerce industry?

Customer Service


Brands meet customer demands using SOR’s infrastructure!

Conversations through Chatbots have a direct impact on your brand’s future, helping you to take your brand a step further and keep customer satisfaction at the highest level.

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