The city’s new favourite, electric scooters face off

According to research, 40 percent of car journeys worldwide are made for distances under 5 kilometers. Electric scooters, which are spreading rapidly all over the world as one of the most important problems of modern city life, reduce traffic congestion or remove them from our lives, have also shown widespread popularity as a service. In our country, it started to enter service with Seagull earlier this year. Of course, those who use it extensively see it as an option to buy their own vehicles.

Electric scooters save a lot of time and energy in urban life, where traffic and transportation become more difficult to find. And he’s entertaining him doing it. In this article, we examine the featured electric scooters.

With a range of up to 40 kilometres, the Ninebot Max stands out as one of the newest and best scooter models of 2019. Ideal for relatively long journeys, the Grandbot Max’s large base, long front body and large wheels offer a more comfortable ride. The handlebar brake activates both the front and rear brakes. This allows you to stand quickly and safely. The Ninebot Max electric scooter is sold at Indiegogo for 9.

It’s unthinkable that Xiaomi wouldn’t get involved, would it? Xiaomi M365 won the Red Dot “Best of the Best” award, as well as the iF Design Award 2017. The Xiaomi Mi scooter features ultra-bright 1.1W headlights with a range of up to 6 metres for additional safety. Featuring a front and rear dual braking system, the vehicle features eco and regular driving modes. The electric scooter, which can travel 32 km on a single journey, also makes a difference with air tyres that offer protection against indentations and protruding roads. However, we should also say that the air tire is relatively unstable and in some cases it will have to be replaced.

The fact that the battery is at the base in position provides a more balanced ride compared to the Segway, where the batteries are located in the front body. The advantage of the Segway models is that they allow for quick turns.  In terms of folding, xiaomi M365, Segway ES2 and ES4 are heavier than other scooters, so it can be said to be difficult. Xiaomi M365 finds buyers on Amazon for 9. However, due to the high demand for the product, inventory problems can be encountered.

The Segway Ninebot mES2, which brings a whole new solution to the transportation problem, has a top speed of 15mph and a range of 15 mph. The Easy-to-carry and fold ninebot ES2; the best combination of acceleration, top speed and range is an electric scooter. It is possible to buy the Segway Ninebot ES2 electric scooter for less than 0.

The Ninebot ES4 is the same as the Ninebot ES2 in design, showing the difference with an additional battery that rises to 19mph and can reach a distance of up to 28 miles. Sold in conjunction with an external battery providing more power and longer range, the vehicle was awarded the iF Design award in 2018. The vehicle has a powerful headlight for lighting and notice, with both electronic and mechanical brakes.

This allows you to recharge your battery when braking or going downhill. Capable of providing 800W power with its battery, the vehicle is certified as IP54 waterproof. The device has a battery capacity of 20,800 mAh and weighs 14 kilograms. The scooter features cruise control mode, which stabilizes speed. The vehicle’s thin, hard tyres cause the blows to be felt. The car can be bought on Amazon for 0 with Prime.

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