The app that converts physical spaces into 3D scenes:,an app that transforms physical spaces into 3D scenes using only your smartphone, serves as a 3D scanning and editing tool., which converts a physical space into a 3D scene thanks to 3D scanning technology, also allows you to make changes to the scene it creates.

Add that, which is available for both Android and iOS platforms, is completely free. Add that is the new solution to the Ubiquity6 initiative, which works on augmented reality technologies.

To remind you, Ubiquity6 received a $27 million investment in August last year, led by Benchmark and Index Ventures. The app, which creates 3D scenes of physical spaces with your smartphone’s camera, also helps you play with the dimensions of objects on the scenes.

For example, you can magnify or shrink a tree in the 3D scene you create. Other than that, it is possible to cut the scene you created. If you want to focus on only part of the 3D scene you create, you can scale it down by cutting a photo.

Let’s add that you can leave notes on any point in the 3D scenes you’ve created and share them any way you like. If you wish, you can download the app here for Android and for iOS here.

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