The $1980 Samsung Galaxy Fold returns in September

Last March, we talked about the Samsung Galaxy Fold, which we see as a risky investment for those who want to buy a smartphone. Buying the first generation of any technology, no matter what technology, is a move that carries great risks.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold was expected to go on sale after April 26. However, just before the release of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, problems with the screens of the inspection products distributed to the press caused the Galaxy Fold to be postponed.

In short, as we stated in March, the Samsung Galaxy Fold, a risky investment, was postponed before it went on sale. Samsung, trying to fix the problems of the Galaxy Fold for about 4 months, seems to have finally achieved its goal.

Following a long silence, the company announced that the samsung Galaxy Fold, the first foldable smartphone, will be officially released next September. Samsung also shared that it has made changes to the model’s erkan components, and made changes at the point where the two screens connect at the top.

Add that the price of the Samsung Galaxy Fold will not change. In February, the model will be available with a price tag of $1980, and will be available in September for the same price. Samsung Galaxy Fold, worth about $2,000, is still a very risky investment. It won’t be a surprise if we’re facing disappointment again in September.

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