Tesla’s smart recall makes it easy for drivers in wheelchairs

Tesla has expanded the vehicle’s range of motion and added “smart recall” to its new model, allowing drivers to move their vehicles autonomously several metres with the invoicing feature in previous models.

With this new smart recall feature, drivers can call Tesla from a farther point. Drivers call their vehicles through the app, avoiding the hassle of displacing the vehicle in difficult conditions.

Tesla, which placed the feature in a larger fleet last month, allowed car owners to test the feature in detail. In fact, the company’s CEO, Elon Musk, said the feature has been used more than 500,000 times, and described the smart recall feature as Tesla’s viral feature.

Nevertheless, some car owners encountered negativity when using the smart recall feature. Some vehicles were involved in accidents, while others found to have difficulty detecting pedestrians, even if they did not cause any accidents.

However, given that we are in the early stages of autonomous vehicles, it is not surprising to see that such problems are encountered.

On the other hand, the video feature recently created by Zack Nelson and Cambry Kaylor from Jerry Rig Everything YouTube channel allows us to take a new perspective.

Testing the Tesla Model X, the duo demonstrates how comfortable the vehicle is for drivers in wheelchairs. Cambry Kaylor, a wheelchair user, said in the video that he could not reach his vehicle if other vehicles were parked close, adding that he had no difficulty in accessing his vehicle thanks to his smart recall feature.

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