Tesla’s new energy product Megapack

Increasing its efforts in sustainable energy, Tesla announced that it will launch an energy storage product on a network scale called Megapack. Megapack, modeled after the powerpack, the company’s giant battery system previously installed in South Australia, stands out as the third and largest energy storage system produced by Tesla.

Let’s also mention that the Megapack is positioned as an alternative to power plants that cause gas prices to rise. In addition to this new product, the company will continue to sell Powerwall and Powerpack systems manufactured for residential use.

Tesla’s revenue from energy storage, meanwhile, has not yet overtaken revenue from the vehicle sale.  Therefore, we can say that the company wants to increase its growth in this field by revising it with Megapack. Only $368 million of the company’s total revenue of $6.4 billion in the second quarter belongs to Tesla’s solar and energy storage products.

Nevertheless, according to the second quarter earnings report released on July 24, Tesla set a record last quarter by selling 415 megawatt hours of energy storage products. The company also installed Powerball in more than 50,000 regions, up 81 per cent from the previous quarter.

In this way, thanks to megapack’s production capacity, it is possible that Tesla has succeeded in replacing natural gas products that are more widely used by users.

Designed as an easy-to-install energy system on a grid scale, each part of the Megapack comes fully assembled. These parts include battery modules, two-way inverters, a thermal management system, an AC main cutter and controls. With up to 3 megawatt hours of energy storage, the Megapack also features a capacity of 1.5 MW inverter.

It’s worth noting that megapack works with a software system developed by Tesla, which allows installations to be displayed, controlled and converted into revenue.

All Megapacks are connected to Powerhub, which was developed to control and display large-scale network projects and micronetworks. Likewise, all Megapacks can be integrated into Autobidder, tesla’s machine learning platform for automated energy operations.

Tesla, which stands out as a sustainable alternative to natural gas use with its new product, can easily increase sales, especially in states like California that aim to reduce gas emissions.

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