Terradepth to develop autonomous robots to explore oceans received $8 million investment

Although humanity has almost completed the discovery of the earth, the depths of the oceans are still full of the unknown. Deep ocean mapping and the discovery of the ocean floor are currently being carried out by manpower and special tools. The purpose of terradepth is to explore the depths of the oceans and become a company that sells this data with autonomous submarine robots.

Terradepth’s main goal is not to access autonomous submarines, but to access data. In short, the initiative does not act in a hardware-oriented position, positioning itself as a data company. This is a really important detail because the initiative will not mass-produce the robots that provide ocean exploration, but it knows that it can sell ocean floor data to many companies. Terradepth’s data is of great importance to scientists and governments alike.

Terradepth,founded by Joe Wolfel and Judson Kauffman, two former marines in the Us Navy, has great military value, in short, this data will be sensitive to governments. In the near future, it is crucial that maps of the ocean and sea floor are in the hands of the states in order to increase the number of submarines and to make many countries have a greater say in the open oceans. It is possible to give the same example for the Eastern Mediterranean, which is very hot at the moment. On the one hand, as drilling in our blue waters continues, there is a race in the region where many countries’ activity is on the go, and the discovery of the seafloor is critical to the countries.

Terradepth, founded in 2018 based in Texas, is now preparing to build a fleet to collect data from the ocean floor. Using autonomous submarine robots to explore and map the ocean floor, the initiative also needs a significant fund for the business. Terradepth, which has received an investment of $8 million for this purpose, aims to begin its offshore testing in the summer of next year. Terradepth’s company, which leads the investment tour, is another point that stands out because it is Seagate Technology as we know it with the hard drives they produce.

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