Tasseled Baby Boot Tycoon Explained

Tasseled baby boot ski ing, we shared on our site as a narrative to those who are looking for. You can make boot boots with easy and understandable narration.


My ropes are blue background nako calico, lanoso puff/ red ground lanoso alara, snowball mother lamb. My crochet number is 3.5 or 4 mm for 2.5 mm fur, and for those who can’t find Lanoso puffor or alize softy, i made a red booty with a snowball master lamb. I did it by skipping a noose.

Our base chart

Friends, we’re setting up the base of our cotton by following the diagram. After the whole base is finished, we have a total of 61 trabzans. But don’t get too hung up on the numbers, it’s the increases and reductions in the nose.

If we’re out of base, we’re going to go to the top of our palysion before we break our rope. I tried to show it with a white rope to make it look clearer, and you’re going to go with your base rope. We weave 1 row of needles without increasing or decreasing this sequence by passing your rope through the dense needles from the inside out so that the straight direction of the base is downward.

At the end of the base, after we have made our frequent needle, we complete the sequence with a triple trabz without increasing or decreasing. ? We put a row of needles on it.? We’re going to start the reductions in second place, so we double our shoes and find the middle. Let’s fix our noose holder in the middle (picture on the left) and then count 12 frequent needles backwards from the nose and start exciting. We’re going to make nine reductions in total. ? We complete the continuation of 2 ex*9 (repeat this 9 times) with a triple trabz, and again we switch a row of frequent needles to the top row.

We’re knitting our triple trabzan until the 3rd row reductions. In this section, we make 8 reductions and finish the queue with a triple trabz, and we knit a row of needles again in the top row. ? 4. We knit a triple trabzan until the excitations, and here we make four reductions, finish the queue with a triple trabz, and weave a row of needles in the top row. ? We finish our last row with a triple trabz and break our rope without increasing and decreasing. Now we’re going to move on to the furry part. (There’s no last line in the pictures, don’t be fooled by friends)

I used 3.5 mm crochet for the fur part. We’re going to count nine frequent needles back from the nose and start our first trabzan from there, so we don’t add to the other trabzan at the end so we can create the opening on the side. On average, we are knitting 40 rows of 3 rows of double trabzans and finishing the knitting process. This number of stitches applies to those who use alize softy and lanoso puff, and those who use snowball mousse should make one jump between the trabzans in the first place or the fur part looks quite large. We’re finally putting a thin 35-40 cm leather strap or ribbon on the wrist of our shoes and finishing the procedure.

Our example belongs to the page.

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