Sugar with Walnut Leaf, Constipation, Intestinal Worm and The End of Digestive Diseases

Many unknown benefits of walnut leaf have been identified for the human body. Among them are digestive disorders, intestinal worms, blood purifier, blood sugar lowering properties and relieving constipation. It also has an appetizing and exhilarating effect. relieves the problem of lack of appetite.

Walnut leaf is used as antiseptic in skin diseases. By boiling walnut leaf, eczema, syphilis, sequence, bone decay, bone deformation, herpes and rashidal disease types, inflamed hands and toenails are used in a very effective bath additive.

If the water of fresh walnut leaf is boiled and the diseased areas are washed in scabies and favus diseases, it shows its effect in a short period of time by treating it. Baths and washings made with walnut leaf water benefit foot sweat, women’s currents, inflamed eczema and puberty pimples.

In throat and throat diseases, gumand oral cavity, walnut leaf water should be applied by gargling. Boiled walnut leaf water allows the dull bubbles to heal if added to bath water. People who have rapid hair loss problems should use walnut leaf water to rub their scalps. It is also very effective in the elimination of pests such as lice in the head. Walnut leaf juice provides skin cleanser, diarrhea cutter, vascular preservative, tumor inhibitor, immune system protection, fungal diseases, wart-relieving effects. Walnut leaf has effects that regulate blood circulation and prevent blood clotting.

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