Subscription service from Harry Potter: Wizarding World Gold

We told you in 2017 that Niantic, the developer of Pokémon Go, has returned with harry potter. The Harry Potter series, one of the world’s highest-paid book and film series, has come up with a new story. Harry Potter, who kept up with the times, announced a subscription service called Wizarding World Gold.

The Wizarding World Gold subscription service, which will cost $75 a year, will offer fans of the Harry Potter series a variety of benefits and content. At the beginning of the content to be presented, the harry potter series 7 books are digital versions.

Wizarding World Gold subscribers will have digital access to the harry potter series books for 12 months. In addition to books, behind-the-scenes videos of the films will be shared with subscribers. In addition to these contents, reservations for special invitations and discounts for certain products will be provided.

Stores to be discounted include an online store at, a store at King’s Cross station in London, and stores at Warner Bros. studios. Subscribers will receive various discounts for products in these stores. In addition to these benefits, subscribers will receive a variety of gifts and a personalized magazine called Keys and Curios.

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