Studio support for YouTubers from Ankara Metropolitan Municipality

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality today announced in a tweet that they will offer studio support to YouTubers from Ankara. Youtubers who want to shoot video, two days a week will be able to use the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Studio.

YouTubers who want to use Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Studio for free will be able to apply to the municipality via the municipality’s website. content producers must book no later than 1 week in advance to use the studio. This support, which quickly moved to TT on Twitter, could lead to a significant increase in demand. At this point, it is possible that we will encounter changes in the city’s reservation system.

Meanwhile, the preparedness of the shared video by the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality’s Press Release and Public Relations Department is an indication that YouTubers are considered more of new media than marketing instruments. In fact, the tweet shared by Ankara Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Slow supports this attitude.

“Social media is one of the most fundamental sources of freedom to receive information and provide information today,” President Slow tweeted. At this point, 140 Journos, which have recently risen to the freedom of YouTube, come to mind structures such as TV100 and YouTube channels such as Cuneyt Özdemir, who has switched from traditional to YouTube.

When we think that young people can generate revenue using studio facilities, we can say that the Municipality supports freedom of the press, as well as creates “next generation employment” for young people.



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