Steve Wozniak: “Apple should have been divided into independent units years ago”

Steve Wozniak,a co-founder of Apple, made important statements about both Apple and the major brands in the technology industry. Speaking to Bloomberg, Wozniak said Apple, of which he was the founder, should be divided into independent divisions years ago.

Companiesthat dominate the technology industry, such as Apple, Facebook and Google, should disperse, Wozniak argued, underlining that they use their power to take part in new markets. Wozniak also expressed his support for monopolies and said that today’s big technology companies have become monopolies.

Arguing that all major technology companies should disperse from within, Wozniak said he wished Apple would be dismantled and that each department be independently run. Talking about the dangers that technology solutions offered by companies, Wozniak argued that voice assistants can be used for dangerous purposes.

Referring to Amazon’s Alexaand Apple’s Siri,Wozniak said companies use artificial intelligence-assisted voice assistants to listen to their users. To remind you, information had emerged that key companies such as Microsoft, Apple, Google and Amazon were listening to their users.

Underlining his love for the initiatives, Wozniak also said he was working on a total of 4 different projects, one of which was the blockchain project in Malta.

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