Statement from the President of RTÜ on digital broadcasting platforms: “We received license and permit applications.”

Last February, we shared with you the news that the audit of RTÜ passed through the commission to internet publications. The regulation on the control of RTÜ, which was introduced to digital publishing, was published in the Official Gazette last month.

Although the “Netflix is closing” allegations are busy during the day, we understand that this is not the case with a tweet from RTÜ President Abubekir Sahin. Sahin is licensed from more than 600 organizations, including influential broadcasters in the sector such as Netflix, BluTV, puhutv, Turkcell, Vodafone, Digiturk, Tivibu, and He says they’re applying for permission. Quoting a tweet that said Netflix would leave Turkey, Sahin said the story was wrong.

Netflix is also expected to make a statement on the matter later.

We will continue to share with you other developments during the day. Stay tuned.

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