Starting From The Collar Making Women’s Vest with Blinds

We shared the construction of a lady’s vest with blinds that should start from the collar. Those who want to make a single-button knitted vest can make it from the model with a blinds. the most admired models are the models with blinds.

Grey crystal rope ,number 4 mesh skewer and button required.

We’re starting with the collar of the vest. At first, we’re stitching 104 of our skewers. 15 tooth harosha, 1 increase, 1 tooth harosha, 1 increase for the arm, 1increase for the arm, 1 tooth harosha, 1 tooth increase, 40 tooth harosha for the back of the vest, 1 increase, 1 tooth harosha, 1 increase. To knit the arm part, 15 teeth are knitted as harosha, 1 increase, 1 tooth harosha, 1 increase, and 15 teeth for the front side.

We’re knitting the harosha with the densities 22. When the number of increases is 22, the arms are finished. We’re knitting 11 tooth-to-tooth edifices in the vest. For example, we’re moving on to the construction. For the front pat, you can knit 7 stitches straight, and the front pat to the harosha. 1 increase, 1 excitation, 7 stitch plain knitting, 1 node reduction, 1 node increment, 3 straight knitting. What we’ve done so far is one example. That’s how we start the samples. And when there are three holes, we start a new example. We knit as much as you want. For the button, we’re making a marrow.

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