Stand Out with Facebook focusing on SMEs

The two-day Facebook Stand Out events started today at Maslak Uniq. Derya Matras, Country Director of Facebook Turkey, opened the event.   Matras talked about the importance of reaching new countries and cities with WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, and said that 1.7 million of the 3 million SMEs in Turkey are on Facebook.

Matras, 90 percent of these SMEs have grown their business and started to employ more employees, he said. In his opening speech, Matras also covered success stories and conveyed the growth details of The Matras Technology and Iznik Works enterprises.

In 2013, he said that Teknation, which employs only two young co-founders, currently serves 80 million customers in 49 languages in 150 countries with 200 employees. Matras shared a photo of Iznik Works founder Ismail Akşahin and Facebook CMO Antonio Lucio with the participants, and 80 percent of Iznik Works’ sales are abroad via Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp. has been carried out.

Matras, who stated their focus on creating new success stories, announced plans to train 20,000 people this year.

Ozan Acar, head of tobb sectors and entrepreneurship department, also attended the event as a speaker. Referring to the importance of Facebook for the Turkish economy, Acar said that the competition during Turkey’s inflation problem provides consumer prosperity. Acar added that regional development is supported by sMEs selling first to Istanbul and then to the world.

In addition, Facebook allows disadvantaged groups to engage in commercial activities, Acar said, Facebook tools play an important role in accessing the economic freedom of women producers, he said. Acar said they have trained 5,000 women so far, and that the programme’s 2nd edition is scheduled to take part in the end of The New Year’s Eve turkey’s major districts will be visited during the period, he said. In this context, Acar announced the opening of a Facebook Station in Turkey. Facebook Station is expected to support both initiatives and SMEs.

At the event, The Head of Facebook Turkey Public Policy Department, Cagatay Pekyörr, pointed out the increase in unemployment in Turkey and reminded that Facebook has contributed to the employment of 209,000 people so far. Stating that education and support will continue in 20 cities, Pekyörr stated that they aim to increase their employment by ensuring that 20,000 people are more preferred candidates.

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