Square Spiral Fiber Construction

We continue the description of square fiber models with a new model called a 3-color spiral. If you haven’t done this sample before, you should do it.

We are with you with a brand new example. Our fiber sample is called the spiral fiber model. For those of you who don’t know what spiral means, let’s first inform you what happened. Spiral means curvy. The aim of the fiber model, which is also called spiral, is that the fiber model is curved. I’ve heard the name for the first time in my life because it’s curved. It’s probably the first time you’ve heard of our visitors. Whether you call it a spiral or a curved fiber model is great.

We have shared this example, which is knitted with 3 different colored fiber ropes, in video for those who want to learn how to make them. You can find all the information about how it’s done in the video. Those who want to add another one to your dowry fibers can knit from this example.


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