Spotify’s number of paid users reaches 108 million

Digital music streaming platform Spotifyhas a total of 108 million monthly paid users. Spotify’s total number of users was 232 million. Spotify said in a statement that 232 million people used their services for at least a month, a 31 percent increase.

Paying subscribers include users who benefit from Spotify’s 30-day trial. In addition, let’s note that Spotify recently launched a campaign that offers access to premium service for $1. This helps to explain some of the increase in the number of paid subscribers.

Although Spotify has seen an increase in the number of users, the number of per-user revenues has dropped by 1%. Spotify, however, says it wants to reach between 110 million and 114 million subscribers by late September, while at the same time reaching 240 million in the number of active users.

Spotify’s biggest competitor, Apple Music, has 60 million subscribers. This means spotify is more preferred all over the world by a significant margin. The recent launch of YouTube Premium and the user’s positive reviews are looking forward to how it will change the balance in the future. Changes to apple music with iOS 13 may also cause the aforementioned numbers to change.

Nevertheless, it is fair to say that Spotify has a significant number of paid users.

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