Spotify tests Stories for phenomena

Spotify,the world’s most popular music streaming platform, is testing the Stories feature for phenomena. Summer Mckeen was the first phenomenon to test this feature, with 2.33 million YouTube subscribers, 2.1 million Instagram followers and 126,455 Spotify followers. Mckeen is using the new feature to deliver a playlist of his favorite songs of all time.

Like stories on other social media platforms, Spotify has a section with short video clips that users can tap to move on to the next screen. At the top are horizontal lines showing how many stories are still waiting. So Spotify’s stories feature is just like Instagram’s. Just click on the circle above the title of the playlist to browse Spotify Story. This circle also aims to attract the user’s attention with an animated preview of the video you’ll see when you touch it.

Once you’re in the story, the clips play and progress automatically. The playlist where you found the story is also shown at the top. simply tap the “X” sign to exit at any time. In the new Stories feature, the affected person can share songs from the playlist as part of a preview in the form of small song clips and video clips with album covers.

Mckeen is the first phenomenon to go live on Spotify Stories. However, the company plans to present it to other prominent figures in the entertainment, lifestyle and music industries in the near future. Spotify does not currently offer this feature to artists, because it wants it to be a tool for music exploration rather than promotional.

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