Spotify personalizes podcasts to the user in a new playlist

Spotify,which offers its users a personalized music experience, is now using this ability for podcasts. The platform also uses personalization technology that powers music playlists such as “Discover Weekly” and “Daily Mix” for its next-feature ,Your Daily Podcasts.

Spotify’s new podcasts list will be created if you’ve listened to at least 4 podcasts in the last 90 days,otherwise you won’t see any lists. The playlist will be found in the “Your Top Podcasts” section on the home page and the “Made for You” tab in the app.

Algorithms will be used to analyze your podcast listening behavior, as you have recently watched and followed, as in Spotify’s music playlists. Then, based on this date, he’ll suggest which episode to listen to and what kind of podcasts you like. This will be the next episode in content you’re already listening to, independent of a popular podcast. Also, if you’re listening to a story-driven sequential series, it’s going to give you the podcast series sequentially.

content will be based primarily on your own subscriptions, but then this list will be expanded and you’ll even discover a podcast you’ve never even known before. This is not Spotify’s first attempt at the podcast focus. The platform recently launched the “Your Daily Drive” app, which combines music and podcasts, and now allows users to create their own playlists using podcasts.

Your new playlist on Spotify is currently available for both free and premium users in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Mexico, Brazil, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. It is not yet clear when it will be activated for our country.

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