Spotify begins sharing lyrics in sync with music

With the release of iOS 13, Apple launched real-time lyrics for the music app Apple Music. Now there’s talk of a similar move coming from Spotify. Many users in global markets now have a similarly synced-up lyrics feature on their Spotify accounts. Here’s exactly how it works; While the song continues to play in the background, the lyrics appear simultaneously on the screen. This feature is supported by Musixmatch based on screenshots.

Although Spotify does not specify which regions have access to this feature, we see that users in Canada, Indonesia and Mexicoare among the test users. We can say that this feature is between Behind the Lyrics and Storyline. Spotify supported lyrics in the desktop app a few years ago, but this feature was later removed. Since then, users have wondered when the lyrics support will return.

However, we should also point out that Spotify has Genius integration. Genius, however, does not offer exactly the lyrics feature. Instead, he’s trying to explain the songs with words. While this feature is both informative and fun, it can’t help people learn the lyrics of a song and doesn’t exactly give it the right thing to do.

Currently, there is no lyrics support on Spotify’s desktop or mobile app outside of Japan. Let’s also point out that Spotify conducted such tests periodically, which would not guarantee the launch. However, the fact that Apple Music offers such a feature also suggests that Spotify may take some steps in the competition-heating online music streaming market.

A Spotify spokesman also says Spotify has always conducted such tests and can’t share any more information.

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