Sponge Soap Dispenser Making

We talk about how the sponge purchased in making soap dispensers from the sponge turns into soap dispenser. That way, your soap will be dry and immaculate.

Hundreds of comments were made on the recycling page to the idea of making sponge soap dispensers shared by Ms. Melek. Among these comments, there were those who liked the work that was done and who did not like it and made bad comments. People who don’t like it say in their comments that the sponge will get dirty and carry bacteria. A friend of ours told him that a chemist friend didn’t produce bacteria. Of course, he’s his liar, too. Some of our friends, liquid soap produces more bacteria, even one of the people who write reviews, the doctor forbade the use of liquid soap that our friend used to keep soap for himself and his children.

Judging by these comments, the project of making soap from sponge sourcing was very popular. The angel lady’s statements about the soap dispenser.

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To make the soap dispenser, put the soap on top of the sponge and draw around it with a pencil. Carefully cut it out of the place you drew and play it into it. And ovalles around the edges, that’s all. You can buy sponges from a million thawed. It’s even available in big markets.

Süngerden Sabunluk Yapımı 2

Süngerden Sabunluk Yapımı 2

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